Bookings from the app

Forget about taking bookings over the phone

Don't spend more time repeating your availability, let your customers check their timetables, check their vouchers or review their pending payments while you are working or taking a break.
Bookings from the app at any time
Mobile alerts and notifications
Store and inApp payments
Marketing tool
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Bookings from the app
Bookings from the app

Leave the management of reservations up to your clients

Make it easy for your clients to make a new booking by allowing them to check your schedule and availability. They will be able to consult their next bookings, the status of any of their vouchers and manage their pending or made payments.

inApp payments

Sell through the app in complete security

Never lose a sale to a cashless customer again. Make sales to your customers through the application in a simple way and forget about unpaid bills. Let them take the initiative to buy a new voucher, or an item from your shop.The process will be simple and you and your centre won't have to do anything.

inApp payments

Don't get left behind!

Take your business to the next level and differentiate yourself from your competition! Do you dare to try it?

Push notifications
Push notifications

Automatic reminders and notifications in the app

Notify your clients of any changes in the status of their bookings, vouchers or payments. With TIMP, customers confirm their attendance with automatic reminders, forget about booking confirmation calls. Also, you will be able to send massive information and promotions through notifications in their TIMP apps.

Center information

Market your business to all your customers

Take advantage of the full potential of the TIMP app and use it as a marketing tool to directly update all your customers on the latest news in your business. Add an image gallery, details about all your services and contact information - all about your centre on your customers' phone!

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