Integral management panel

Find out what's going on in your business

Thanks to the TIMP panel you can have all the information about your business status at any time. Check relevant data, optimize time and increase your income.
Metrics and reports dashboard
Available 24/7 wherever you are
Accounting and sales
Customer CRM
Integral management panel
Dashboard and statistics

Data and statistics about your business

How is my business going? What is my most lucrative activity? Are my customers retained? These questions and many more are answered by TIMP. The panel provides a section to know the status of your business with key data to make strategic decisions. In addition, with the statistics section, you can consult and visualize the information personalized for you.

Dashboard and statistics

Overview panel with relevant data about your business so you can quickly find out its status.


Section to generate statistics and specific data on activities, customers, sales, rates, etc.

Export to XLS

Extract the information you have generated in a simple and fast way to be able to use it in Excel.

Data filtering

Choose in a dynamic way what you want to see. Filter by multiple parameters and customize it to your liking.

Smart agenda
Smart agenda

Organize your calendar easily

The smart agenda of TIMP allows you to quickly visualize all appointments and sessions of your business. Create all the activity sessions you want, in the time slot you decide and assign professionals and resources to them. With the different visualization modes you can see at a glance all the activity that your centre will receive in the period of time you choose.

Timetable generation

Create all the schedules your business needs and let TIMP handle everything.

Online booking

Forget the phone and WhatsApp and let your customers check the schedule and make bookings from the app.

Queue management

Your clients will be able to book in full sessions and will be notified if there is an available space.

Session Details

Check the information for each session: people who have booked, people in line, professionals, resources, etc.

Customer management

All the information you need about your customers

Can you imagine knowing everything about your clients? With TIMP you can record all the relevant details about each one of them; personal details, active quotas, unpaid bills, booking history, etc. This information is stored securely in the cloud and you can consult it 24/7 wherever you are. Get reports with relevant data and plan the best loyalty strategy.

Customer management
Customer CRM

Enjoy a complete customer database and control all the actions they perform in your business.


Draw valuable and visual information from multiple data relevant to your business to help you make decisions.

Personalized filters

Create customer segments within certain parameters and target only the people you want.

Activity monitoring

View a timeline of all the actions that each customer performs in your business: bookings, cancellations, etc.

Team management
Team management

Total control over your professionals

TIMP puts at your disposal all the information generated in your company about the accounts of your professionals to ensure that you do not overlook any detail. Your employees will have access to their calendar and will be able to carry out the actions that you allow. In addition, with TIMP Express they can enjoy the benefits of having a simplified version of the software for their daily work.


Find out in real time which professionals are busy in a session and which ones are available.

Professional permits

Control your employees' access to the control panel according to their level of responsibility in the company.

Performance statistics

TIMP's statistical system allows you to easily see information of great interest about your professionals.

Optimization of the day

Analyze the statistics of your professionals' schedules to make strategic decisions.

Don't get left behind!

Take your business to the next level and differentiate yourself from your competition! Do you dare to try it?

Accounting and sales
Accounting and sales

Automate your business accounting

With TIMP you can centralize and keep a detailed control of all your centre's accounting. Keep track of billing, cash flow and make sales of all kinds to your customers. Thanks to the Stripe integration, payments in your centre and within the app can be made immediate and securely at any time. Receive benefits 24/7 without worrying about anything.

inApp payments

Offer your customers the possibility to pay their fees and buy your products from the app quickly.

Automatic Charges

Activate automatic payment of your clients' fees and make sure you reduce the rate of non-payment.

Vouchers and monthly payments

Know your customers' voucher consumption status and easily sell and recharge their balance.


Generate invoices for all your sales easily by adding your centre's personalized brand.

Direct comunication

Reach all your customers effectively

Having multiple channels of direct communication with your customers is essential to stay one step ahead of the competition. TIMP makes easy for you to inform everyone who comes to your centre about the latest news, exclusive promotions, important announcements, session reminders... and much more!

Direct comunication
Push notifications

Send unlimited notifications to one, several or all your customers and let them know about interesting issues.

Personalized emails

TIMP provides you with the possibility of sending personalized e-mails with your business logo and SMS with any kind of information.


TIMP's notification system takes care of reminding your customers of their pending appointments directly in the app.

News Wall

Create a blog from the panel that will appear in your clients' app with news and offers from your centre.

Modules and integrations
Modules and integrations

Grow with TIMP and add new features

TIMP wants to offer you the best management platform and evolve with you by adjusting to your needs. That's why we have modules and integrations that are the perfect complement for each phase of your business.

Online store

Add to the app a shop open 24/7 from which your customers can make purchases at any time.

Ranking and dashboads

Take the competitiveness of your activities to the next level and create community among your centre's clients.

Customize the app

Choose your own colours, images and logos to showcase your brand in the customer app.


Send messages and files directly to your clients' app; routines, diets, instructional videos, etc.

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